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What We Offer

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Taking steps and talking today will help our youth lead for a better tomorrow. With our programs, we don't judge our youths' stories by the chapter we walked in on. We show them success, we give them motivation, and we inspire them. Through our experiences, as leaders of Katch the Kite, we intend to help our youth become successful individuals in our society. 




This program allows for a one-on-one setting between a mentor and our youth. As we listen we focus on social competence. This helps us see them and provide them with the appropriate solution to any problems.


Gang prevention

Our youth are valuable. We are that place that help sustain them and we teach them there is more to life than being in "the streets." We offer them opportunities that will lead them toward success. One of the biggest topics we discuss is gun violence prevention.


academic support

Our academic support program provides our youth with educational blockages. Through tutoring and support, we provide assistance with their educational needs.  


substance abuse awareness

Our youth hear from the experience of others who have lived through the use of substance abuse. We discuss the effects of what will hinder them, bringing awareness to the subject.


self-esteem building

We show our youth how to live in this world today and teach them how to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. We encourage our youth, We bring out their confidence and help them know their worth.


career readiness

We offer opportunities to help our youth better prepare for great careers. We offer CDL training, Entreprenuer growth, and more. 


Music Engineering

Starting this summer, we will be teaching and helping our youth perfect their art in music. This program is another outlet to success for our youth. We have the support of professionals that will help train our youth. Artist Development: We break down music and more.


Pre-General Contractors Classes

We partner with Chris Pugh of Pugh Builders. These classes are for young adults, ages 16 -18. Chris teaches the ends and outs and helps them get started with their success. 

The programs Katch the Kite brought awareness to many things my teen was facing in his life. I am grateful for opportunities my teen was given to succeed. They help him become a better man.

Ashley P.

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